Wednesday Small Groups

Often, small groups of people are better able to interact and learn about a topic than larger groups are. For that reason, Fellowship of Praise has small bible studies Wednesday at 7pm. The size of the group is usually anywhere from six to twenty.  We encourage you to visit several small group studies till you find the one that meets your needs.

Nursery & Preschool (Room #2-4)

KWOW – (Kid’s World of Worship) (Room #5B) 1st – 5th Grade

Various Topics


Adults and Youth (Sanctuary)

The Book of Hosea
Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 Chapter 5
Hosea Chapter 8 Questions
  1. What does God tell Hosea to do in verse 1?


  1. Why is he to do this?


  1. What would the trumpet proclaim?


  1. What had they left the worship of God and began doing?


  1. Why should they have known God better?


  1. Did they know Him, or know of Him?


  1. They rejected the _______ _______ _____.


  1. Israel was to be under the direction of God in their ______ matters, as well as in their __________ matters.


  1. What terrible thing had they done with their silver and gold?


  1. What calf is verse 5 speaking of?


  1. What makes us know definitely that an idol is not God?


  1. God looks on this unfaithfulness to Him as ____________ ___________.


  1. Because ___________ hath made many altars to sin, altars shall be unto him to sin?


  1. Who had God revealed His Word to?


  1. When had they become the wife of God?


  1. Why were their sacrifices to God unacceptable?


  1. Why should Christians go to church?


  1. God sent _________ to free them from bondage in Egypt.


  1. God had not ____________ them.


  1. ___________, God sends the fire of punishment to devour them.

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